Young Emerging Artists Hub is a Visegrad Funds project which consist of 3 sessions of workshops with music industry professionals covering topics like live performance organization, digital marketing, music monetization, and creating compelling Electronic Press Kits (EPKs). After workshops participants will be asked to pitch their act. Best pitches will be awarded with a spot on Ravekjavik Music Festival held in Poland.


We’re looking for young artists which want to fast track their careers in European electronic music scene. If you are from or live in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary or Ukraine you are good to go.


There are many perks of joining our creative hub. You can:


• meet musicians form different countries

• expand your professional network

• learn from industry pros


Selected participants with best pitches will be awarded with:


• a spot on a music festival in Poland (Ravekjavik, Lodz, Poland – 15.06)

• transport, accommodation and fee

• a video recording of a performance

• professional photo shoot


3rd of June – Application process closes

5th of June – Announcements of results


7th of June – 1st workshop session (2 × 1.5 h)

8th of June – 2nd workshop session (2 × 1.5 h)

9th of June – 3rd workshop session (2 × 1.5 h)


15th of June – Performance on Ravekjavik Festival

Hungary | Radio Tilos has a rich history of supporting independent and alternative voices, making them an ideal entity in the cultural landscape. Their extensive reach and influence provide emerging artists with a powerful platform to amplify their work, fostering a diverse and inclusive cultural dialogue. With a longstanding commitment to promoting unique perspectives, Radio Tilos is a vital contributor to the arts community.

Czech Republic | Lunchmeat Festival is distinguished for its innovative approach to multimedia art and technology, consistently pushing the boundaries in these fields. Known for their exceptional ability to curate high-quality music and audio-visual experiences, they stand out as a leading force in the region. With a proven track record of delivering outstanding artistic experiences to the public, Lunchmeat has established itself as a highly respected entity in the industry.

UKRAINE | OK Projects is a non-governmental organization, that ensures the cultivation of a diverse and impactful artistic community. Dedicated to fostering innovative and cutting-edge artistic expressions, OK Projects stands as a significant and influential presence in the industry. Their commitment to supporting new voices and pushing creative boundaries consistently delivers fresh and engaging cultural experiences.

Slovakia | n:ear Festival is renowned for its discerning eye for cutting-edge and experimental electronic music. With a track record of curating innovative performances, n:ear is adept at identifying emerging talents that push the boundaries of artistic expression. Dedicated to promoting diverse and forward-thinking artists, n:ear Festival plays a crucial role in shaping the dynamic arts scene in their region.


We proudly stay behind Ravekjavik Festival, an electronic music event supported by the City Hall of Lodz, Iceland Music Export, the Embassy of Iceland, the Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts, Lodz Film School and the University of Lodz. The festival features a unique international lineup and incorporates solutions to enhance the audience experience, emphasizing the online presence and export capacities of artists.



contact us: yeah@rvvk.pl

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