Since 2017, we have been gathering in the industrial spaces of Łódź’s factories, immersing ourselves in new realms of music and art. Ravekjavik represents a grand project of revitalizing Łódź, breathing new life into forgotten sites by infusing them with music, visual arts, scenography, and performance arts. The festival
is foremost a celebration of people, embracing diversity and fostering peaceful coexistence rooted in understanding and mutual exploration through art.

We celebrate the right to be unapologetically yourself. Through music, dance and art, we empower you to explore and manifest your true identity. This ethos of personal liberty forms the foundation of our artistic expression, fostering an environment where every step is a dance of freedom and every moment is an opportunity to embrace your authentic self.

Ravekjavík is a place where everyone is equal. We respect diversity and promote equality through art that unites, not divides. We cherish the diversity of our participants, performers, and co-creators. Full acceptance and mutual respect are crucial to us.

Our festival is a vibrant tapestry of electronic music, showcasing a rich array of genres from experimental and ambient, through house and techno, to trance and drum & bass. 

We love to blend classic electronic rhythms with innovative soundscapes and creative audiovisual elements.





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